Sunday, July 15, 2012

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I've dabbled in blogging on and off.  For the most part, I found it almost exhausting.  I love reading food blogs, or at least.. skimming them.. but I suppose for the most part I always wonder "Who cares?" about my own kitchen adventures.  That being said, I still bake and cook like a fiend, and still have my trusty DSLR... and now that I've finished my first year of my PhD program (wooo) I have a bit of time.  So why not?

A bit about me: I was a food writer for a while, worked as a baker in an all organic cafe, as a waitress in a chinese restaurant, a brunchy type place, and a steakhouse (where I learnt about my passion for wine).  Most recently I volunteer in a teaching kitchen, and will start giving my own lessons (primarily in baking) starting in September 2012. :)

To start us off, I figured I'd post the tortilla espanola I made yesterday.  No recipe yet: I'm perfecting it for my Spanish cooking class in Sept.  I just hate posts without photos. ;)

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